The Kissing Booth Review

The Kissing Booth

If you are on Netflix and love cheesy teen movies, highly suggest watching “The Kissing Booth.” I have personally watched this movie at least a hundred times. It’s slightly cringey and funny as hell.

This movie starring Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney follows two very best friends Lee and Elle and their high school experience. Their dance group has to come up with an idea for their school’s fair and, as you can guess from the title, it’s a kissing booth. Now through all this, we’re also looking at the main problem of Elle being totally into Lee’s older brother Noah. Big no no.

It’s full of laughs, tears, betrayal, sex, coming of age, and pretty much anything else you’d expect from a “dramatic” teen movie, including Molly Ringwald who plays Lee and Noah’s mom.

The movie is actually based off a book that was written on a site called Wattpad, which is a place anyone can post their work and every now and then, someone gets published and gets a movie deal. It is a really good book, though and the movie follows the book very well.

Another thing I like about the movie is that the actors are actually young enough to play teenagers. Joey being 18 and Jacob and Joel being 21 makes it actually seem like they’re teenagers. The acting is pretty good for the cheesiness of the film.

I don’t recommend the movie for smaller crowds because there is a bit of sexiness in the movie and language but that’s up to you.

Let me know what you guys think of the movie and thanks for reading!

House of Night Book Review

So, I want to give reviews a chance for this blog, I love a lot of books and movies and I want to let others know about them if they don’t already.

Today I am going to be talking about my favorite book series, The House of Night Series, specifically the first book Marked. This series is written by P.C. and Kristen Cast, a mom and daughter team, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The series has twelve books and even though it sounds like a lot, the story is so good and has such a great tempo, the amount of books is perfect.

Marked, the first book, is about a girl named Zoey who is Marked as a vampire. Oh, yeah, it’s a vampire book, but not conventional vampires. There is a lot of cultural compaction in the book, so there is a bit of paganism and Cherokee mythology, and a few other things. So vampires are supposedly born with a specific gene that makes them into a vampire at a certain age. That’s what the humans say, to the vampires, the goddess Nyx, the goddess of night, picks the vampires to create and mark them with a crescent moon on their forehead.

So, Zoey gets Marked as a vamp and has to go to the House of Night in Tulsa where fledgling vampires have to live. Also, fledgling vampires don’t always survive while their body is transitioning to being a full vamp, so if they aren’t around other vampires, they’ll die. I still don’t know why.

Before she gets there, she tries to go to her grandmother Redbird’s house but ends up passing out and meeting Nyx where they have an interesting conversation. When Zoey wakes up, her crescent moon is filled in, which is only something that full vampires have.

When she gets to the house of night, she meets many new people, one being Neferet, the High Priestess, who takes her under her wing. She also meets Stevie Rae, her roommate, and a few other friends, as well as Aphrodite, her new enemy.

The story follows Zoey as she tries to discover herself as a vampire, take down the baddies of the school, and maybe get a new boyfriend, or two.

I highly suggest this book if you like the idea of a new kind of vampire. Like I said, this book is based highly around paganism and wicca, so they worship a goddess, they focus everything around the elements, including powers, and they follow Cherokee culture as well because Zoey’s grandmother is Cherokee.

The book is sexy, dramatic, funny, and great for teens who like coming of age stories.

These books do have some sexual moments and graphic language so I suggest if you are under 16, wait until you are older.

Poetry Time!

The first Writing Day couldn’t start any different than with a piece or two of my own writing. My poems to be exact. Don’t worry if you’re not a huge poetry fan, Poetry time will only happen once a month or so. But to start, the next few poems are a bit depressing (how else do I introduce myself) and about someone that I really like but know he doesn’t feel the same.


Will you ever love me?

Am I on your mind?

Do you dream

sweet dreams

of me?

Do you care to know me?

Am I a skip in your heart?

Do you catch

your breath

around me?

Will you ever see me

the way I see you now?

Do you know

I dream

of you?

Will I ever hear you say

the words I care so much for?

Three tiny words.

I love


You will never repeat me.

This I am aware of.

You don’t see me

like I

do you.

No More

Your pain hurts me

I need to see

you be

the happy

guy who holds the key

to keep

eyes clean

from veins that bleed

and breathe

air free

of disease.

Give us dreary

thoughts of dreams

that turn to screams

and hold fury

and gory

undesirable controversy.

It is not me

but we,

us and he.

You are in need

of happiness and glory.

I’m here to be

the key

to set your smile free.

Thanks for reading guys!