How to Make a Bow

How to make a Bow


DIY day is starting off with a nice start for those who like hair accessories, or those who have young daughters that like to put adorable bows in their hair. These are three quick and easy Bow tutorials that you can make at home! For the bow you will need ribbon, thread, and a sewing needle. You also can use a hot glue gun and decorations of your choice (glitter, buttons, gemstones, pom poms, anything else).

This basic bow is a bow tie bow.

  1. I used a 2-inch wired ribbon by Celebrate it! that I got from Michael’s with a pink floral print. Make sure with each ribbon you string your tread before you start wrapping the ribbon.
  2. Cut the ribbon to the length you want, just remember the ribbon will be folded in half. I cut mine about 8 inches long.
  3. Fold the ribbon to make a circle with the ends overlapping.
  4. Hold the ends to the ribbons against the center of the ribbon so the loops are equal on both side. Take the needle and poke it through the very center of the ribbon.
  5. Wrap the thread around the top and underneath. Hold both loops of the ribbon and pull the tread until the center is squished together. Continue to wrap the thread around the center and tie it after a few wraps, make sure the thread it tight.
  6. This is when you have the option to wrap a small piece of ribbon around the center and make it like a bow tie.

What I did was make a second, smaller bow and hot glue it onto the big bow, then add a middle wrap. With the wrap, you can either sew it or hot glue it, I hot glued it because it’s quicker.

What you do with the bow now it up to you, add it to a head band, a clip, a barrette, anything you want. I hot glued it to a hair clip. You can also keep it plain or decorate it with some buttons or stickers. I kept it simple with the decoration and added some gemstones to the corners of the bow.

I hope this helped you get a fun and easy idea to make a cute bow tie!

If you don’t feel like making the bow, you could always follow my Etsy page and order one from me! Go check it out!

Thanks for reading guys!