That’s all I have to say and you immediately enrage every person in the food industry. There are so many arguments about tipping. Here let me tell you the answer to everything you have to say:


I am not busting my ass trying to make your dining experience the best I can while your spouting rude things to me and giving me an attitude for $3 an hour for you not to tip me. Yes, that’s right: I ONLY MAKE $3 AN HOUR! And that’s the top of the range. There are servers who make LESS than that.

“Then why don’t you get a different job?”

Okay, so you won’t have anyone to serve your food? You do understand that statement makes no sense. If all the servers got “better jobs” you wouldn’t have anyone to serve you if you want to go out to eat. Also, not many of us can get “better jobs” because we don’t have the experience to get those jobs. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to get a retail job because I didn’t have retail experience? It doesn’t have to be a big office job, it can be as “small” as being a cashier at a store. You literally don’t need any experience to be a server, you just need to understand a menu and have a decent customer service voice.

Something else you need to understand if you don’t tip, another reason you need to tip is because, in many places, we have to tip out to the bussers, bartenders, food runners, hosts, and anyone else maybe. So we end up losing a portion of our tips. Many places tip out based on sales. So if I have sales of $1000, I tip out anywhere between 2-10 percent. So when you don’t tip, I have to tip out, out of pocket. I am paying for you to eat, rather than getting paid to do my job.

“Well restaurants should pay minimum wage.”

Another stupid statement. Yes, it would be nice but what you need to understand, if we get paid more, the menu prices will go up, and many places will lose business, especially individually owned places. If a mom and pop dinner is forced to pay their servers $10 an hour, they will have to raise the prices on their menu to accommodate the money being paid to their employees, and because dinners pretty much survive off of regulars, if they learn that the prices are going up, there is a 50/50 chance they will stop going there. They lose business, they lose money, and go out of business. It’s not as big a problem for corporate places but people will still get upset because the prices will still go up.

If you are someone who doesn’t tip, please let your server know ahead of time so they don’t have to waste their energy on you. They don’t get paid enough. They have bills to pay just like you so PLEASE TIP! Always.

If the service isn’t great but they look like they’re trying, TIP!

If your server is very busy so can’t always be at your table, TIP!

If it seems like she/he is having a bad day but is still trying, TIP!

IF YOU SIT AT A TABLE FOR OVER AN HOUR JUST TALKING, DOUBLE TIP! You are taking another table away from your server because you decided you wanna catch up.

I tip 18-20 percent always! If the service is BANGIN’! I tip 25 or more percent.

The only tip I will ever not tip is if they are downright rude or forget about me completely. I am not a rude person to my servers or my customers and I expect the same respect.

So, last time, TIP YOUR SERVERS!

Thanks for reading guys!

Maryland Food (The Best)

Maryland food is probably the best food in the US. Though, I may be biased, being from Maryland. But honestly, come to Maryland (specifically Baltimore, the best place to get all the food) and try any and everything on the list and you will love it! Obviously, most of the foods below are made of crab but, I mean, crab is the best, especially Maryland crab because we know how to cook it. So here are the foods Maryland is most popular for!

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  1. Steamed Crabs!

Blue crabs of course, but if you have never had Maryland steamed blue crabs, you have never lived. Just season them with some old bay and grab a Natty Boh and you’re set for the night.


  1. Smith Island Cake

Now, I’ve honestly never heard of this but its apparently a really popular cake in Baltimore. It’s a ten layer cake with thin layers of yellow cake and chocolate frosting.




  1. Crab Cakes

Whether they’re broiled or fried, Maryland has the best! Why? Because we keep it simple, we don’t add vegetables or anything. Just crab, mustard, mayonnaise, old bay, and a few other things to keep it together. Maryland does it best, don’t let anyone tell you different.


  1. Berger Cookies

No, not burger, its Berger. They are delicious cookies topped with a mountain of chocolate frosting. They are a Maryland staple and you can’t leave without trying one, or two, or ten.

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  1. Trasher Fries

They are not just your everyday fries. Trasher’s is based in Ocean City Maryland and your OC trip is not complete unless you’ve waited thirty minutes in line for a bucket of fries and some vinegar to go with it.

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  1. National Bohemian Beer

Another Baltimore staple is the Natty Boh beer. Natty Boh with the crabs are everything. Grab a couple and watch the O’s play at Camden Yards. Nothing quite like it.


  1. Fisher’s Popcorn

Yet another OC favorite. You can’t leave Ocean City without grabbing a bucket of caramel popcorn from fishers. Or you can get some plain, or cheese, but the caramel is the best they have.


  1. Snow Balls

How do you get cool in the summer? Well in Maryland we fill a cup of crushed ice and cover it with flavored syrup. Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds. There is a snowball hut on almost every corner. Don’t forget to add the marshmallow, because you will not be sorry.

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  1. The Orange Crush

Another alcoholic beverage made in Maryland. Just some orange vodka, triple sec, and orange juice with some sprite. Different bars might make it a little different but it’s the same basic recipe.


  1. Crab Soup

There are two different kinds. We have creamy of crab soup which is my favorite. It’s a creamy soup with spices and crab meat, not vegetables, thankfully. The second is the Maryland crab soup. This one has vegetables, crab, and broth. Try both and tell me which one you like best. Or be that person who mixes them together.

So there are some of the most famous Maryland foods. If you come to Baltimore or Ocean city, or anywhere in Maryland, you need to try at least half of these foods.

Thanks for reading guys!

How to Make a Goal Board

Like other people, I need something to help keep my motivation up. I have had a big problem with my depression keeping me from doing the things I want to do. So I decided, with the help of a friend, to make a goal board. You can do this however you want but I’m going to show you the one I made. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of my process, but its pretty easy to follow instructions.

So what I used for my board is a large white board, you can pick any size you choose, depending on the amount of goals you want to set each day. I have mine set up so I have 5 goals a day, 3 a week, and 3 a month. I also used multiple sharpies of different colors, dry erase markers, and a notepad (optional).

How I set mine up, is using a black sharpie and sectioning off days. I drew a line halfway through the board, long ways, then four lines long ways, cutting the last line at the middle line so that the bottom box is bigger than the rest. Check the picture, if that sounds confusing.

After you make your boxes, use the different color sharpies to label the boxes. I went online and found cute fonts to write the letters in. I only wrote the first letter, but you can write the full day if you like.

You can then use the sharpies to make little bullet points to check off.

I also used a planner to plan out my goals for the week and it has worked really well. I used the dry erase markers that have magnets on them so they could just hang on the board. The notepad I used was so I could write some positive things to boost myself up.

I hope this could help anyone who might need a little bit of a motivational boost. It has helped me a lot and it might help you.

Thanks for reading guys!20180703_202040 (1)

The Murder Castle

One of the scariest people in American history was known as the first American serial killers. That’s right, HH Holmes.

If you don’t know who HH Holmes is, you probably don’t know history all that well. He is one of the most notorious serial killers in America.

HH Homes was born Herman Webster Mudgett in 1861 in New Hampshire. He was bored into a wealthy family and he was very intelligent at a young age. He showed some signs of being psychopathic and being into medicine. It was apparent that he was into surgery and would perform surgery on his pets. Some people say he might have been responsible for the death of a friend.

Holmes started his life of crime as a con man with various frauds and scams. As a medical student, he would steal cadavers and use them for false insurance claims. In 1885, he moved to Chicago and started working at a pharmacy under his famous alias, Henry H. Holmes. It was claimed that he took over the pharmacy after killing the original owner.

Holmes started to construct a three story, elaborate house of horrors near the pharmacy. The top story held his living area and rooms used to torture and kill his victims. The house had chutes and trapdoors that led to the basement so Holmes could throw the bodies down to be disposed of.

He later opened his house, also known as the “Murder Castle,” as a hotel in 1893. Not many guests survived, no one knows the exact number of victims. Many of his victims were women. He had a habit of getting engaged only for his fiancé to disappear. Other victims were brought in by the promise of employment.

Holmes left Chicago after the World’s Fair and created a scheme with an associate, Pitezel, where he would fake his death and claim $10,000. Holmes was jailed at one point for a different fraud under the name H.M. Howard. While in jail he shared the details of the scam with an inmate, Marion Hedgepeth, who helped police with the investigation.

After Holmes was released, he killed Pitezel. Afterwards, he told Pitezel’s wife that he was in hiding and somehow convinced her to let him travel with three of her five children, which later became his victims as well.

Holmes was later apprehended in 1894 after months of running from the authorities, and confessed to 27 murders. He was convicted in 1895 and died from hanging in 1896.

His murder count was never discovered but is said to be as much as 200 people.


He is said to possibly have the highest murder count in American history with many others to follow in their murderous footsteps.


Thanks for reading guys!

Info credit: https://www.biography.com/people/hh-holmes-307622

House of Night Book Review

So, I want to give reviews a chance for this blog, I love a lot of books and movies and I want to let others know about them if they don’t already.

Today I am going to be talking about my favorite book series, The House of Night Series, specifically the first book Marked. This series is written by P.C. and Kristen Cast, a mom and daughter team, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The series has twelve books and even though it sounds like a lot, the story is so good and has such a great tempo, the amount of books is perfect.

Marked, the first book, is about a girl named Zoey who is Marked as a vampire. Oh, yeah, it’s a vampire book, but not conventional vampires. There is a lot of cultural compaction in the book, so there is a bit of paganism and Cherokee mythology, and a few other things. So vampires are supposedly born with a specific gene that makes them into a vampire at a certain age. That’s what the humans say, to the vampires, the goddess Nyx, the goddess of night, picks the vampires to create and mark them with a crescent moon on their forehead.

So, Zoey gets Marked as a vamp and has to go to the House of Night in Tulsa where fledgling vampires have to live. Also, fledgling vampires don’t always survive while their body is transitioning to being a full vamp, so if they aren’t around other vampires, they’ll die. I still don’t know why.

Before she gets there, she tries to go to her grandmother Redbird’s house but ends up passing out and meeting Nyx where they have an interesting conversation. When Zoey wakes up, her crescent moon is filled in, which is only something that full vampires have.

When she gets to the house of night, she meets many new people, one being Neferet, the High Priestess, who takes her under her wing. She also meets Stevie Rae, her roommate, and a few other friends, as well as Aphrodite, her new enemy.

The story follows Zoey as she tries to discover herself as a vampire, take down the baddies of the school, and maybe get a new boyfriend, or two.

I highly suggest this book if you like the idea of a new kind of vampire. Like I said, this book is based highly around paganism and wicca, so they worship a goddess, they focus everything around the elements, including powers, and they follow Cherokee culture as well because Zoey’s grandmother is Cherokee.

The book is sexy, dramatic, funny, and great for teens who like coming of age stories.

These books do have some sexual moments and graphic language so I suggest if you are under 16, wait until you are older.