The Mandela Affect

One of the craziest conspiracy theories I’ve heard (and I’ve heard a lot) is the Mandela effect. A lot of people know what this is, but for those who don’t, the Mandela effect is used to describe the phenomenon of multiple people misremembering things. It comes from Fiona Broome who, along with many others, remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 80’s rather than in 2013 of illness. Since then, there have been a ton of other misremembered things.

There are a lot of theories around why we experience the Mandela effect. Some say it’s alternate realities slipping in and out of each other. Part of their reality will come into ours and change the things we remember.

Others say it’s because we’re all part of a game simulation and the changes are from the simulation lagging or being reprogramed. Whatever the theory, some of the things that we misremember is very strange.

Here are a couple examples:

  1. The Berenstain Bears

This is one of the most popular ones because many people remember them being called the Berenstein bears, with an E, but no, it’s Berenstain with and A. I have personally asked many people how it’s spelled and they all say with an E. It’s a little crazy.


  1. Sex and The City

A lot of people remember the movie being Sex IN the City. I know I do.

  1. Curious George’s Tail

A lot of people remember George having a tail and swinging from trees and things he wasn’t supposed to. But George never had a tail in the books or shows.


  1. Oscar Mayer

The famous hot dog company is another one that we commonly misspell. Because we all remember it being Oscar Meyer not Oscar Mayer.

  1. The Monopoly Man

He doesn’t wear a monocle like I remember he did. He seems to of always had 20/20 vision.


  1. The Magic Mirror Phrase

I needed to go back and watch snow white after reading this one. The phrase we all remember the evil queen saying is “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” it’s on t-shirts and mugs and even mirrors. But no, the phrase is “Magic mirror on the wall.” What?

  1. Darth Vader’s Famous Line

We all know his line as “Luke, I am your Father.” Again it’s all over merchandise and we commonly say it. But did you know his actual phrase is “No, I am your father.” Yes, he never said Luke. And it’s crazy because even the actor who voiced Vader said he remembers the line saying Luke.

  1. Wite-out

Yes, I spelled that right, It’s not White out, it’s Wite out.

  1. Looney Tunes

Being a big bugs bunny, I remember the show being called Looney Toons. Even my dad, who grew up with the show, remembers it as Toons. But no, it’s Tunes!

I couldn’t find a tenth one I really liked so I’m going to leave you guys uncomfortable and leave it at nine. But these are actually really creepy and crazy because now I have to rethink a lot of things and wonder why things are like this.

Thanks for reading guys!

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