Dear Drivers

I don’t know about you guys but I really hate people who don’t know how to drive. They never know where they’re going and end up cutting me off, or they never use a blinker then get pissed at me for “almost hitting them.” So I wrote a little poem for those people.

Dear Drivers,

The little nob on the left

That goes up and down

Exists for you to not make

Other drivers frown


Push it down to signal left

Up to turn right

If you don’t start using it

We’re gonna have a fight


When it’s raining or there’s fog

You need your lights on

Night or day it doesn’t matter

It keeps the traffic strong


The light is not for you to see

In the cloudy day

I can’t see your dumbass car

With all the water spray


There’s lots of things that drivers do

That make me upset

Like speeding past my 75

Or going slow when it is wet


You’re not the only one on the road

I am here as well

With all of your bad driving

You’re going straight to hell

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