The Red Eyes

The scariest thing someone could experience is living in a haunted house, but not just any haunted house, a demonic haunting. So it’s not just someone falling of the shelf, or feeling someone sitting next to you, it’s things being thrown across the room, cuts on your body, and feeling like you’re literally going to die. I’m going to tell you a story about a demonic haunted from when I was a child.

I used to live in an old ranch style home that had a basement with my parents and my little sister. It was a nice house, a little creepy to the unknowing eye. But to me, it was hell. The basement was the worst part. The stairs down were cold and concrete and there was one small light that only lit up the top part of the staircase. The actual basement wasn’t much different. The floor was always cold and the only natural light was from one or two small windows in the corners of the room. I distinctly remember there being an old rusty bed set up with a night stand next to it. It looked old and creepy.

Unfortunately, we often had to go down there to do laundry and get our toys, so if I had to go down, I would run to the middle of the room that had the hanging light bulb and pull it on as fast as I could. All the while feeling his eyes glaring at me.

The way I remember seeing him, he was much taller than I was. The only way I could tell was from the bright red eyes in the darkest corner of the room. They would constantly stare at me and his breathing would get deeper and louder until it turned into a growl. I can still hear it to this day and it’s why I’m terrified of the dark.

For some reason my parents couldn’t see him the way I could which bothered me a lot but now I know that kids often are able to see the paranormal world better than adults can.

One of the scariest moments of my life happened in that basement. I had gone down to grab some toys and rather than his breathing turning into growling, I immediately heard a deep growling a lot closer than it usually was. I ran back up the stairs but felt something grab my leg and trip me on my way up.

When I got to the top I, of course, started crying and telling my mom that something attacked me and grabbed my leg. So we look at my leg and there were freaking claw marks around my ankle. They weren’t really bleeding but they were bright red, swollen, and the top layer was scratched up. Of course my mom started freaking out and might have actually believed me.

There were a few other events that I remember but they weren’t as bad as that one. From doors opening and the pots in the kitchen banging against each other. Another moment I specifically remember is one night, I was in my room getting ready to sleep. I was in bed with my eyes closed and halfway there. Now in my room I had a large sliding closet with a mirror on the front. It was a little squeaky when it opened.

I was laying in bed and out of nowhere, I hear my closet squeak open. Now being a child, I always thought I could open my eyes just a little bit, just enough to see but still look like I was sleeping, so that’s what I did. I could see my closet door open and something actually on the mirror, I didn’t know what but it looked like something was touching it. I quickly put the covers over my head and held them down.

I could hear breathing getting closer to me and my heart was racing. The breathing ended up right above my head and I could feel the heat coming through the blanket. I was shaking and crying and the breathing kept getting louder.

It stopped eventually but I did not sleep the rest of the night.

That house has definitely scarred me for the rest of my life. I can’t sleep unless I have a desk lamp on and music playing. We moved out of there when I was about seven and would go to visit every now and then. Every time we drive past the house, I can feel those red eyes glaring at me, daring me to come back.

Thanks for reading guys!

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