That’s all I have to say and you immediately enrage every person in the food industry. There are so many arguments about tipping. Here let me tell you the answer to everything you have to say:


I am not busting my ass trying to make your dining experience the best I can while your spouting rude things to me and giving me an attitude for $3 an hour for you not to tip me. Yes, that’s right: I ONLY MAKE $3 AN HOUR! And that’s the top of the range. There are servers who make LESS than that.

“Then why don’t you get a different job?”

Okay, so you won’t have anyone to serve your food? You do understand that statement makes no sense. If all the servers got “better jobs” you wouldn’t have anyone to serve you if you want to go out to eat. Also, not many of us can get “better jobs” because we don’t have the experience to get those jobs. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to get a retail job because I didn’t have retail experience? It doesn’t have to be a big office job, it can be as “small” as being a cashier at a store. You literally don’t need any experience to be a server, you just need to understand a menu and have a decent customer service voice.

Something else you need to understand if you don’t tip, another reason you need to tip is because, in many places, we have to tip out to the bussers, bartenders, food runners, hosts, and anyone else maybe. So we end up losing a portion of our tips. Many places tip out based on sales. So if I have sales of $1000, I tip out anywhere between 2-10 percent. So when you don’t tip, I have to tip out, out of pocket. I am paying for you to eat, rather than getting paid to do my job.

“Well restaurants should pay minimum wage.”

Another stupid statement. Yes, it would be nice but what you need to understand, if we get paid more, the menu prices will go up, and many places will lose business, especially individually owned places. If a mom and pop dinner is forced to pay their servers $10 an hour, they will have to raise the prices on their menu to accommodate the money being paid to their employees, and because dinners pretty much survive off of regulars, if they learn that the prices are going up, there is a 50/50 chance they will stop going there. They lose business, they lose money, and go out of business. It’s not as big a problem for corporate places but people will still get upset because the prices will still go up.

If you are someone who doesn’t tip, please let your server know ahead of time so they don’t have to waste their energy on you. They don’t get paid enough. They have bills to pay just like you so PLEASE TIP! Always.

If the service isn’t great but they look like they’re trying, TIP!

If your server is very busy so can’t always be at your table, TIP!

If it seems like she/he is having a bad day but is still trying, TIP!

IF YOU SIT AT A TABLE FOR OVER AN HOUR JUST TALKING, DOUBLE TIP! You are taking another table away from your server because you decided you wanna catch up.

I tip 18-20 percent always! If the service is BANGIN’! I tip 25 or more percent.

The only tip I will ever not tip is if they are downright rude or forget about me completely. I am not a rude person to my servers or my customers and I expect the same respect.

So, last time, TIP YOUR SERVERS!

Thanks for reading guys!

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