My Favorite Animals

More Animals!

To continue this little trend of “things about me,” I wanted to share some of my favorite animals. These aren’t really conventional favorite animals and they’re a pretty weird mix, but I love every single one of them.

To start with, I absolutely love snakes. I think it stems from my Slytherin heritage. Who knows I might be the heir. But, I think snakes are very misunderstood creatures. They get such a bad rep but many of them aren’t as bad as people say. I want to get a few different types of snakes. Two that I really want are a banana python and a hognose. I think they are such beautiful creatures and hognoses are so cute with their little tipped nose. Another one that I want is, what I only know as a rainbow snake. They’re pythons that have holographic scales and they look like a rainbow when hit by the light. They are gorgeous snakes and if it had one I’d name it Lucky.

My second favorite are otters! Yes, those cute little fluffy sea teddy bears are my little loves. Every time I see one I immediately go into squealing fan-girl mode. They are the most adorable things I have ever seen and have you ever heard them speak? They literally squeak and it’s the best thing in the world. My dream is to swim in a pool with a bunch of otters and I am WAITING for that dream to come true.

Third favorite are bats. The cute little puppies on wings are also super misunderstood creature. They are so cute, yes even the ones with funky noses and wings. If anything they are even more cute because they are so unique and crazy looking. Fruit bats and flying foxes are some of the most well known because of their cute little faces, but we cant forget Honduran white bats, split-nose bats, vampire bats, and so many others that look crazy and adorable. I’ll be making a post about different types of bats and what they look like.

Next up are BUNNIES! These little furry assholes are my favorite because they are adorable af, and I can actually own one. Which I do, Cadbury, if you didn’t see my last Animal day post, is a lionhead/dwarf mix, meaning he has a little main of hair growing around his head, not much but it’s a decent amount. There are so many other types, I really want to get a mini lop, which is a rabbit that has ears that hang down rather than stand up. I think they’re the cutest cuz they look like the stuffed animals. I’ll also be making a post about bunny species and also how to care for one, if anyone was interested in getting one.

Last but certainly not least, is the wolf. Wolves have been my favorite animal for the longest time. They are majestic creatures and they have so many great qualities. I have a tattoo of a wolf and it’s one of my favorites. A wolf is also my Patronus, believe it or not, which was really cool to find out. I love wolves because they have such a family mentality and are built to be with other people and care for everyone in the pack, which I love because I am so close to my family.

I will be posting individual posts about each type of animal plus many more in weeks to come, and I’ll teach you guys different species, care routines for house pets, and much more.

Thanks for reading!

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