Meet My Pets

How should we start our first Animal Day? Maybe let you know a little about myself?

There are five animals I hold near and dear to my heart. They are my world, the reason I wake up in the morning, and also the biggest pains in my butt.

To start we have my big goof ball of a dog, Duke. There is no better way to describe him than a goof. He sits like a human and enjoys bananas. We’re not sure what breed he is. We got him thinking he was a Dane mix, but he has absolutely no Dane in him. We think he is part pitt, part Shephard, and a few other things. He is a big cuddle butt and plays like he’s the size of a yorkie. He loves the rest of my animals, though they may not like him very much. He’s such a good boy, though. Barely barks and makes everyone in the house happy.

The next up is my old boy Pi, he is my oldest cat, but he certainly doesn’t act like it. He loves to jump all over the place and lays out all cute begging for pets. Of course, you have to pet him in the right place or he’ll bite ya. We got him when he was four and already came with his odd little name, but we grew to love it because it came with cute nicknames like Cutie Pi, and Pi-Pi. I love my little old boy so much.

The middle girl is my big fat cat. Her name is Kassie. I’m not exactly sure what made her so fat. It might have been the either the excessive amount of treats or the utter lack of exercise, not really sure. She loves to cuddle, like a lot. She’ll sit on your chest and rub her face against yours until you pet her. She is the only cat I know who actually loves people getting in her face. And laying on her, I often use her as a pillow. She got her name after Castiel from the Supernatural TV show. She had the prettiest blue eyes when we got her as a kitten and they just reminded me of him.

My forth pet child is my little bunny whose name is, ironically, Cadbury. He is a little dwarf/lionhead mix and he’s very skittish. But he loves treats and pets. He also loves waking mommy up at three in the morning by making a lot of noises. He loves his big ball that I got him. He pushes it around and will play “toss” with me. He loves my cats though and often plays with them as well.

Last but definitely not least is my itty bitty kitten named Snickers. She is my little wide child. She never stops moving and won’t leave me the hell alone at night. But I love her just as much as the rest. She loves to cuddle with me at night by laying next to my head and purring until I fall asleep. She doesn’t play very nice with the rest of the animals, though. Mostly because they don’t want to play. But she loves the bunny the most, I think. She’ll sleep in his pen with him and it’s super cute. I’m so glad they bonded.

Well those are all of my pets, for now. My loving, dorky, goofy pets who are my absolute world.

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