Welcome to my site!

I hope you guys like.. pretty much anything. Here’s the plan:

Monday is Writing Day where I post my personal writings, book reviews, quotes, rants, etc.

Tuesday is Scary Day where I write about murderers, ghost stories, urban legends, etc.

Wednesday is DIY Day is where I post mini tutorials, life hacks, kid crafts, crafts, etc.

Thursday is Food day is where I post about different foods, recipes, etc.

Friday is Everything Else Day where I post about anything else I want to like random facts, mythology stories, self-discovery stories, and anything else.

I would love for Saturday and Sunday to hold guest posts and maybe some giveaways in the future.

I hope you guys check out my stuff, visit my etsy page, check out my tumblr, follow my wattpad and let me know how you like it. :-*